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Two alien princesses from the land of Nothingness – who never knew the true meaning of suffering – are sent by their father (King Learness) to Consumerland for seven months to discover who will take his throne.


During the seven months spent in Consumerland, the two sisters experience all the deadly human addictions of today's modern world, many times coming towards the brink of being consumed by them, and self-destruction.


From vomitoriums, greed, and gluttony to substance abuse, excessive shopping sprees and social media suicide, between them, the two sisters experience every dark shade of their being.


Will they survive? Will they return to Nothingness alive? Who will be the rightful heir to the throne? This tale of addiction, suffering, recovery and triumph sheds light on the human desire to consume, and how we can become more conscious of, and overcome life-threatening addictions.