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How can one hate on a calling?

August 13, 2017



People who hate on people for who they are or who they want to be. 


E.G. A person hates on someone because of who they are: a woman, a mixed race person, an African.

These were traits that the person was born with; they are set in stone; they are not the fault of the person nor are they states to be wronged. Who is anyone to come along and hate on a person based on things they cannot control and states that are an intrinsic part of humanity's rainbow? States that are so beautiful in their own right? Yes, they are different from: man, a mono-race person, a white British. But although we are different, we are still one and the same. 


E.G A person hates on a person for who they want to be: 


an achiever, successful, doing what they are passionate about. 


If a person has found their calling and has carved their place in the world and wants to use their craft, skill and calling to make the world a better place and help others (and by the way, in simply by doing the very thing they were brought here to do, their calling, they are already making the world a better place because they are embodying their higher spirit and this is precisely what humanity needs more of... not people hiding behind the things they do not want to do and have no passion for... )


Well, who is anyone to come along and hate on a person who is bringing to life their calling? 

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