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November 27, 2017

Dear… Confidence,


​I have this desire to know you,
This desire to stop faking you.
People think I have you,
But, reality is, I don’t even know you.
I don’t know what it
Means to become you,
I long for that day
I can have fun with you,
Taste you, touch you…
Take from you what you have
Withheld from me for so long.
Be… Strong…
To live and breathe out of you,
Please, Confidence,
Invite me to sit with you!

​What you mean to me,
What I see you as being to me?

​Strong, resolute, unwavering, enlightening!
The thought of never having you is frightening!

The insides of me slowly stop biting away,
That urge to let you within me stay.
Please, try and stay.

​Day by day,
I wait for your return
Because it’s then that
I will truly learn
What it means to not give a shit
What it means to accept
That I can’t know all of it.
To just get on and do it.

What it means to just do,
With nothing but the presence of you.

This burning desire to know you again,
To have you next to me, dear friend.

​Sometimes I wonder why you left
When I was so young
Or was it that you were you always gone?

Did I do something wrong?
I hope you realise
My gut is where you belong.

You, the ivory tower in which I’ll learn
The compass that does always turn
And knows It’s right
Day and night
Even when it’s not quite right.

​A volcano at the centre of the earth,
A woman just as she gives birth,
Strong, unstoppable, in pain
But full of life
Just about to burst out twice.

Your children, double, twins,
They swim and grin in the river of life
You put them in.

A lioness, the tallest standing of them all,
Or a woman never affected, deflected
By her falls,
And her heart filled with
Beauty so enthralled too
Or a dark and handsome mystery,

Gandalf when he got his ring.
Children when they come and sing.
Dancing even when no music’s there,
Writing like you just don’t care
Speaking like there’s no one there
But when they hear you
They stop and stare.

Because each word
Each syllable
That leaves your lips
Is one that’ll launch
A thousand ships!

Capable of changing
The world as we know,


Yes, Confidence
It’s you I want to know.



Love, Bedroom Poet xoxo  

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