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Lady Die

June 7, 2018

The post-mortem thought process of a hypothetical Princess who was murdered... in verse.   




Put your teeth to my skin
And you sucked my veins dry

Put your knife to my throat

And you watched my tears cry

Put my life in your hands

And you wrung it up, dry

Stick a gun to my head

And you grinned as I died


Royal once, spat it out

In a cage, full of doubt

Had your sons, could not shout

But did know, you’re without


I know what you’re all about

Murder ran in your veins

Before King was the dame

God save the Queen

The rest are just lame

Many died in your name

More murdered to tame

Threats to the Tubas, Windows and Stupids

A fatal battle, a losing game.

The flame of my name outshone yours 

To the furthest of shores

At last the people’s Princess was opening doors

Then you wouldn’t have any of it
Many years after my husband did quit. 

And you lied and you lied

To the world

On the road I did lie

In the car that you crashed 

Paparazzi did pry

You waited and waited
For my blood to run dry

Let the ambulance go

Even slower each mile

And I cried and I cried 

Years before my time

I knew you would kill me

Car crash, it’s your crime. 





Listen to the poem HERE

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